Data Synchronization

Establishing consistency among data from a source to a target data storage and the continuous harmonization of the data over time.

Business Applications

Using industry-leading platforms offering unified, customizable, and intelligent business applications and IP that span across industries.

Transaction Processing

We build systems for information processing transactions to allow the sharing of computer resources among many users.

Information Security

Real-time protection to mitigate risks reducing the probability of unauthorized/inappropriate access to data preventing disruption.

We are committed to delivering quality services and providing the best customer experience

— Director and Principal Software Architect

SMAG Media is a business to business application service provider specializing in custom software and Information Technology management services. Our focus is to create software, with an innovative and smart approach, for businesses to provide their customers with the right tools or service on any media platform; Internet, Intranets, Desktop Applications, Server Systems, etc.

Since 2001, our products have changed and improved the way our customers do business through efficiencies, competitive advantages, business intelligence, etc.


Initializing The Process

Made simple when approached in a logical and purposeful manner wtih gathered data, intelligently reviewed and implemented.


Developing The Vision

Having clarity of purpose and desired outcome is the single most important factor in achievement towards the future.


Implementing The Plan

Assign realistic teams to drive software implementation plans and encourage user adoption with a proactive engaging strategy.

Our Expertise. A few of the things we do

Providing complete in-house custom systems overhaul.

Data Integrations
Custom Software Development
Certification Systems

Priam v1.0

Electronic Documents Management. A unique set of library controls for digitally imprinting documents with electronic signatures and/or pin. The first project to be included in SMAG Document Technology platform, Priam v1.0 uses a proven business process built into its powerful feature set to support standards for Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Personnel Recordkeeping, Legal Documents, Education Records, and others.


Ariel v3.5

Built with Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Technologies. This improved security library and interface controls adds new set of features to an existing proven technology platform, SMAG Web Technology. Building a Secure Client Portal on this platform delivers the ultimate user experience on your website by adding powerful new ways to interact with them securely online.



An Essential platform for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems with built-in modules of common AJAX Technologies for asset management systems. With previous versions currently serving as the foundation of several Custom Built business systems, this release responds to the continued innovations used on the Internet today.



A Business Logic Document Authoring Framework built with XML and Microsoft .Net Framework Technologies. Applications delivered using this Framework include a custom designed Web Application for authoring, organizing and managing Investigative background reports and a custom designed Windows Form Client for authoring, organizing and searching Legal/Technical keywords within a Personnel Benefits Management system.

Released - Project Codename Priam v1.0 + Ariel v3.5 for Customizing and Securing Business Web Application

Pivoting to reflect the ever changing times requires most organizations to be agile and responsive to scale based on demand.

Released - Project Codename SILIUS version 2.0 with AJAX Technologies for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems with Built-in Modules.

Implementing integrated management of main business processes in real time.

Released - Project Codename SILIUS version 1.0 for Document Portal and Web Device Certificate Services.

Apps configuration with Conditional Access Control allowing you to easily and selectively enforce access and session.

Our Client's Experience

Having extensive knowledge and experience helps us deal with difficult situations and solve the problems with ease in a timely manner.

SMAG Media Achieves Select Certification from Cisco USA and is a Microsoft Certified Partner - ISV/Software Solutions!

The Select Certification recognizes Cisco resale channel partners, whose primary focus is on the small and medium-sized business (SMB) market, those companies with fewer than 250 employees.

  • Cisco Select Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Certified Partner ISV/Software Solutions